Elect Jennifer Zbyszewski for School Board
Methow Valley High School and Independent Learning Center


The Methow Valley School District faces many issues and challenges in designing and operating a school system that is student-focused and prepares them for their post-high school lives.

Some of the issues and opportunities I will focus on when elected to the School Board include:

  • Increasing pathways to graduation through career technical education, internships, college courses, and vocational training.

  • Prioritizing small elementary classrooms through budget distribution decisions.

  • Addressing economic inequities to help students from low-income families fully participate in school activities.

  • Offering a rigorous, varied curriculum that inspires curiosity and lasting knowledge.

  • Continue to have a school library where all students feel respected and included by the books that surround them on the shelves.

  • Supporting the home school program by providing high quality curriculum and professional assistance to home school families.

  • Maintaining and improving the working environment for teachers and district employees through ongoing professional education, open communication, and mutual respect.

  • Encouraging parental and community involvement in all aspects of the school district.